October 16th, 2005

Idiot Wind

Thanks to that Scorsese film I'm immersing myself in Dylan right now. I picked up the new Autobiography, Chronicles I, at the supermarket for some perfectly silly price and it's a good read. If you were ever tempted to think the guy was a phoney, as I have been, then this'll set you straight. OK, he's been a jerk. W.B. Yeats was a jerk. Picasso was a jerk. The greatest artists often are.

You gotta beware of them. They're not like other men. They're the guys with a tight connection to history. Everywhere they go its all flashing bronze and the shrieking of eagles. Anything they touch turns to myth.


I knocked a container of stevia onto the floor then ran it over with Ailz's wheelchair (not on purpose you understand) so then I had to sweep it up, raising clouds of ultra-sweet dust. I can still taste it on my lips. Horrid!