October 13th, 2005

Talking Rubbish

Our next door neighbour, Sameena, just had a new wheelie bin delivered by the Council. She knocked on our door first thing this morning (when I was still in my dressing gown) to ask if I'd pull it off the street once the dustmen have been. She doesn't like the idea of it having to sit out on the pavement all day.

I know just how she feels. Ailz can laugh all she wants, but it's a serious matter. Our bin has been stolen on at least two occasions- and they cost £20 to replace.

Cute, cute, cute.....

I didn't mention this before, what with everything else that was going on, but we acquired a rabbit and a guinea pig last week. Joe had been talking about getting a snake or a rottweiler and I figured we should head him off at the pass.

I was thinking small animals would be low maintenance. I was wrong.

The rabbit is Toshiro Mifunny the Bunny (aka Fluffbucket) and the guineapig is Mulan