October 6th, 2005


Joe stayed up all night painting his bedroom. He also painted the kitchen floor.

I coped with his "music while you work" (great hits of the 60s- how I hate great hits of the 60s) by inserting ear-plugs.

 The kitchen floor, which was black, is now slate grey- a huge improvement.

His bedroom, which was blue, is now pale apricot with little, glossy, black squares dotted about- which is nicer than it sounds.

And his door has the Eye of Sauron painted on it along with his army nick-name, PIG DOG.

McCabe And Mrs Miller

McCabe And Mrs Miller is a hippie western.

It is dedicated to the proposition that the world would be a happier place if we all lived in a big, jolly whorehouse run by Warren Beatty.

Unfortunately there are wicked men out there, who share Warren's love of money but not his principled devotion to whiskey and fine women, and they want to put him out of business.

Cue gunplay.

It would be a better movie if our hero didn't have such mean, calculating little eyes.