September 26th, 2005

Monday Morning

Woke up early and there was this strong, grapefruity yellow light behind the curtains. I should have got up right then and taken a hit of the sunrise, but instead I stayed put and thought about the dreams I'd been having and by the time I finally did tumble myself out of bed the eastern sky was colourless.

 Only dream I remember now is the one in which Harrison Ford was demonstrating his acting range by taking the female lead in some Merchant Ivory-type period drama.

Then it was off to Preston to pick up Joe's sick-pay. The Army say they won't pay him through the bank because he went AWOL. We say he didn't go AWOL- and the fact that he's posted as such is down to his Company Sergeant Major being vindictive. Anyway it's looking as though this present arrangement is getting to be as inconvenient for them as it is for us, so they'll probably be taking action to normalise things.