September 23rd, 2005


A few years back- Oh, I'd say four or five- this film came out and I read the review and thought, "yeah, I'd like to see that."

So finally I get round to renting it. I put the disc in the machine and up it comes on screen and there, as dewy as the first rose of summer, is Winona Ryder and it hits me like- dood- this film is twenty years old if it's a day.

So how did this happen? How did that memory of reading the review (it's so fresh I can smell the newsprint) manage to get itself filed under "recent"?

She Moves Outside

She leaped the cracks between the paving stones. A worm had up and died a few days before and she skirted its dried up corpse- a crusty brown smear, many times the length of her own body. The back step presented no very great obstacle to one who was used to scaling chair legs and book cases and kitchen units.

She wondered if she might some day take it upon herself to climb a tree.

She slipped under the back gate and she was out in a space where distances were four or five times what she was used to.

No, six times, seven times....

Unreal, storied, fabulous.

She spoke its name under her breath.-slowly- her heart beating faster than a mouses's-