September 18th, 2005


Twelve million people died during the Russian Civil War.

Then along came Stalin and he killed and he killed and he killed.

Thirty million Soviet citizens died during World War II

But Russia is still there and not notably underpopulated and some people lived through the whole bloody shambles and are still walking around today.

And we Brits go on about how brave we are because the Germans once dropped a few bombs on London.

Sea Shells

Explain to me again why we have winter and summer.

It's because the earth tilts on its axis as it flies round the sun and, um, er, something like that...

Sherlock Holmes pretended not to know even that the earth went round the sun. He didn't want to clutter up his peerless brain with useless information.

It amazes me the things scientists say they know. Like the age of the universe and the size of it and all that stuff about black holes.

I take these things on trust, just as I used to take things on trust from bishops and theologians.

I feel uneasy sometimes about being so scornful of creationists. Could I convincingly expound Darwin's Theory of Evolution? Could I fuck!

If Newton said he was like a man picking up shells on the edge of a vast ocean, what does that make me?

I know this, that and the other. Or think I do. Most of it at second-hand.

The leaves turn brown. The air smells cold...