August 27th, 2005


I like Christy Moore.

But what was this awful twee song he was singing on TV last night?

Something about how the lizards will sun themselves on the concrete beams and rabbits nest in the discarded trolleys when the shopping mall closes for the very last time.

I tried looking for the lyrics on line but they weren't to be had. The Song was called Peace in the Valley- not to be confused with Johnny Cash's spiritual of the same name.

So while I may be a little wide of the mark with the rabbits, it was just that kind of cuddly, cutesy pap.


Not thought through.

Because really, Christy, the shopping mall is here to stay. And it's here to stay because it's an improvement on what we had before. OK, I'm not that keen on malls either- but that's because I don't much like shopping and if I have to shop I'd rather do it in a mall than on a village high street with the trekking from premises to premises and the limited stocks and the queuing and the jacked-up prices.

And if you really want snuggly-wuggly bunnies, there are plenty of them in the field over there.....