August 26th, 2005

Satisfaction (At Last)

The Stones have a new album out and the critics are saying it's their best for 25 years.


Or is it just that the wheel has turned full circle?

I've been expecting this for a while. It's a rule of popular fame that everything comes back into favour eventually.

Keep at it long enough and- no matter how humiliating the middle years- you will eventually be acclaimed as a veteran.

I was reading the other day about how hip Donovan is. Donovan? Yup, Donovan.

The Stones have been a joke for the last twenty, thirty years (not that it ever hit them in their fanbase or their pockets) but they have continued, they have persevered, they have stuck to their guns and finally it's paid off. Last year they were ridiculous old roues grooving to the rhythms of their youth and this year they are keepers of the flame and an example to us all.