June 4th, 2005

Mcgregor and Eccleston

Ewan Mcgregor is doing Sky Masterson on the West End Stage.

I like it that Ewan can go from being Obi-Wan to appearing in a stage musical. People say he's without ego. Well, I can't wholly believe that- you don't get to be a film star by practising self-abegnation- but I know what they mean. He's a nice bloke.

But what I don't quite understand is why he's so goddam huge in the first place. I find him bland and forgettable. In Moulin Rouge the wallpaper had more charisma. He made his film debut in Shallow Grave alongside Christopher Eccleston and it was Eccleston I was watching. Apparently Eccleston thought he'd got the lead in Trainspotting sewn up and was devastated when egoless Ewan pipped him to it. I guess it all comes down to Ewan being prettier.

Eccleston's career since then has been largely in British television, culminating in Dr Who. He's wonderful in everything he attempts. Maybe now he'll get the big film roles that have eluded him.

And Ewan? Well, I'm happy for him. I'm happy to applaud his career. I just don't particularly want to watch him.