May 8th, 2005

Underneath The Lamplight, By The Barrack Gate...

Our Broadband connection is down- for reasons not yet apparent- and I’m writing this on the lap-top and I’ll post it through dial-up. There’s always a way round!

Awkward though.

So instead of spending the morning reading and writing I found a lot of little niggling jobs to do in the kitchen. I’m not going to wish that Broadband crashed more often, but I’m glad I got to do what I did.

Over lunch we watched VE Day celebrations from around Europe. The plucky Dutch got George Bush. In Berlin a Christian Democrat MP stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and explained how his relatives had been in the Resistance. Of course they were. In the background what sounded like a barrel-organ was playing Lili Marlene.

That lovely song which was sung on both sides.

And in London, in front of Admiralty Arch, the first Brit to enter the Berlin Chancellory showed us some of the things he’d found just lying around- a chunk of Hitler’s red marble desk, an iron cross and a medal awarded to German mothers for making lots of babies. He had also (though he hadn’t brought it to London in his kit-bag) helped himself to an Encyclopaedia from the Bunker.

Yeah, that’s enough about sacrifice and liberty; come on Grand-dad, show us yer loot!