April 14th, 2005

Bubba Hotep

So Elvis and JFK are holed up in this rest home in Texas and there's an undead Egyptian mummy on the loose and it's sucking people's souls.

Actually, it's a serious movie. It's about growing old and how you don't have to die before you die- if you get my drift.

I've got a couple of reservations; there's a miasma of Cuckoo's Nesty misogyny hanging about the rest home corridors; and it's all kinda slow. But maybe the last is a virtue in this age of low-attention-span actioners.

Otherwise it's funny and smart and scary. What more do you want? It's like Buffy with a couple of old codgers in place of the Scoobies.

Bruce Campbell (unrecognisable in sideburns and prosthetic chin) is great as grouchy Elvis and Ossie Davis is a charmer. What timing he has ! I guess it must have been one of his very last roles (if not the last.) RIP Ossie!

They miss one trick. They don't get Campbell to sing.