April 11th, 2005


An early morning hospital appointment.  craftyailz  has pressure in her left eye. It's all down to her contracting TB as a nipper. Now they're going to do something about it.

Hospitals make me shrivel inside. Even though I've been a nurse. Maybe because I've been a nurse. But recent visits have been less horrid than experience has led me to expect. This morning we were seen on time. And the waiting room seemed brighter than the waiting rooms of yore with their oxygen-deficient smell and their piles of women's magazines in the process of reverting to wood pulp. Maybe all that money we're told they're spending on the Health Service is actually having an effect.

 The upshot of this particular visit is that Ailz is going to have to have her eye lasered. It sounds horrific. I hate the idea but apparently it's an in-out, routine sort of an operation that doesn't require hospitalization. The laser, said Ailz, was in the room next to the one where the doctor examined her. 

They'll send for her in about two months. 

Stop worrying about it,  idiot;  this is going to make her better!