January 30th, 2005

Dorian Gray And Friend

I was trawling the lj universe haphazardly and came across the journal of a guy I last spoke to ten years ago. It was kinda scary. If his icon's to be believed he doesn't look a day older. He's still in the same job. And he's still banging on about medieval Hungary in the same pompous, mock-Edwardian prose.

No surprises. I wonder if he would feel the same if he found my journal. Huh, Tony Grist- same old same-old.

I hope not.

From Chris's journal it was a short hop to Dave's. Dave's user-name is ****-the-twat. He's still as self-hating as he ever was, but now the anger is finding an outlet in paki-bashing nationalism. And he's still chasing teenage goth girls- which was iffy when he was twenty eight and is now downright inappropriate.

I was fond of him. He was a mess the way a puppy of one of the larger breeds of dog is a mess. He had a good heart. It's a shame to see him sink. Life is a tricky business. Some people develop effective strategies for getting through it without sustaining too much damage and others don't.

My first instinct was to give these blokes a cheery wave, but they live too close to home- and I don't want either of them back in my life.