December 19th, 2004

The Present Age

I was watching the BBC's end of year arts review and Mark Lawson pointed out that all the art he and his team were looking at- books, films, plays, exhibitions- was in some way, directly or tangentially, about Bush.

We are living in the Era of Bush. The Age of Bush. The Bush Era. That is what the historians will call it.


A Cosmology

The Universe is One Big Thing.

It breaks itself into lots and lots and lots of little things.

The little things interact with one another. They learn all sorts of interesting stuff.

The Unity persists in spite of the break-up. The little things remain dimly aware of it even as they prey on one another and squabble and fight.

Another word for the Unity is Love.

The little things are of temporary duration. They die and return to the Unity, taking their knowledge with them.

This is how the Universe learns about itself.