December 17th, 2004


When it comes to cartoons we lower the bar. We expect them to be schmaltzy and sappy and dumb, so if they show a modicum of wit and invention we greet them as all-conquering masterpieces. I don't think I've ever seen a feature-length cartoon I've altogether liked. Shrek is good- one of the best- But if it was live action it really wouldn't seem that hot.

Mellow Yellow

I'm painting the bathroom. The colour is "lemon zest" and it spreads with the consistency of runny yoghurt. I can almost smell the citrus.

There are lots of things I like about winter, but mornings like this are not one of them. I woke at 8.30- out of mud-coloured dreams a whisker away from nightmare- and it was still dark. I opened the curtains and the world was pewter and everything dripped.

Yellow, yellow, yellow. Lemons, sunflowers, dandelions, fields of oil seed rape.