October 18th, 2004

Bloody Men!

The feminist community I lurk at is full of chaps sounding off. A few days ago a chap was telling us how woman-friendly he was and how he wanted women to tick him off every time he displayed insensitivity in his postings. And then another guy blasted him for being all male-centric and me, me, me. I was tempted to join in, but - oh, that's enough already from the people with vagina-envy. Boys, we talk too much. Our place in a feminist community is to sit somewhere near the back and listen!

You Gotta Be Straight To Wear A Cope

The Episcopal Church of America is being asked to apologize for the consecration of a gay Bishop.

I hope it doesn't.

The Anglican communion used to be the most tolerant of churches. It bumbled along, averting its eyes from the contradictions that held it together. Now the Evangelicals are pushing for a showdown.

They want purity. Ah, my dears, that lollipop jar is out of your reach.

Afghanistan under the Taliban was pure. Which is to say not pure at all. Not unless violence, repression and hypocrisy are pure.

All you can ever hope for is the appearance of purity. Whited sepulchres? Now who said that?

Turn the other cheek, love thy neighbour- Christianity is a pretty gay religion. And ooh- the homo-eroticism of that Mel Gibson movie!

Deal with it.