October 16th, 2004

On the Town

Ruth (she's our sister in law) wanted to buy Ailz a ring for her birthday. I went along as artistic advisor. We visited all the jewelery shops in the Manchester Craft Centre.

I approve of chaste design and all that, but when the money's on the table I go for colour. There was a square ring with a tiny stone set in one corner that had us intrigued, but what we finally settled for was a silver ring with three clear blue stones- each stone a different intensity of blue- lovely.

We went for a curry in the evening (who wants a curry? Me, me, me!) and about halfway through the meal I came to the realization that repeatedly filling your mouth with dollops of stuff that burns is an odd way of having fun.

We were given a table right next to the fish tank. That was nice. But here's a thing; several of the fish had nostrils. Now what's all that about? Can anyone explain to me why a fish would need nostrils?