October 3rd, 2004

(no subject)

I woke with a headache. It felt like there was a draught on the back of my neck last night. So where did that come from? It wasn't there the night before.

There's a dump for disused fridges about four miles from here. Someone torched it last night and nearby residents have been told to keep indoors. Could the headache have been caused by breathing the fumes?

I have vague memories of a ragged, headachey dream. Something about creating an artificial lake to stop a church from flooding. I get a lot of churchy dreams. Mostly they involve me turning up late to lead some important service and then not being able to find my place in the Prayer Book. They're a variant on the dream that actors get about being on stage and not knowing one's lines.

It's a dim, grey day. I wonder how much of the cloud is fridge-smoke. The good news is that little birds are using the bird seed dispenser. I saw 'em just now. A sparrow and a blue-tit. Yay!