September 1st, 2004

Eighteenth Century Thoughts

We're back. And I can blog without fretting about the phone bill (we're on broadband here.)

I wrote this on the train. It's a poem (I suppose.)


I am having eighteenth century thoughts;
Urns and pyramids comfort me,
Hope is our anchor
(Or is it faith that is the anchor?)
And the Cross is our sure support.

The train goes north. At Wellingborough there are harvested fields behind a white picket fence and a man in tartan shorts (not an employee of the railway company) walks along the platform blessedly picking up litter.

Welcome to Northamptonshire
Rose of the Shires.

But no life is as lively as the life of London which I am leaving-
Its crowds unselected by race or religion-
And the stucco, ye gods and goddesses, the stucco!

A Missing Person

Where did shellefly go? I've been away; I haven't been keeping up with my friends the way I should- so have I missed something? Did she warn us of her disappearance?

I flick back through my friends' pages and find she's been expunged from the record. Everything she ever wrote has gone. It's rather horrible.

shellefly, if you've reincarnated under another name please let me know. I want to go on being your friend.