August 27th, 2004

Hard Work

Being on holiday is hard work. I slept ten hours and I’m still tired. I had dreams in which my father was being unpleasant and then went missing. I was still looking for him when I woke. Maybe this trip is gonna be about looking for him. I’ve forgiven him, but I suppose there’s still unfinished business. Perhaps there always is.

The hotel has been constructed inside the shell of a beautiful Victorian townhouse. Our room has no original features but there’s plenty of wedding-cakey plasterwork in reception.

Yesterday we were at the V & A- my favourite London museum. What did I learn? That the Koreans were making exquisite ceramics when our medieval ancestors were making mud pies and real Japanese armour ain’t half as colourful and shiny as the stuff they wear in Ran and Kagemusha.

Today we plan to go visit the Wallace Collection- but first we have to find out where it is.

I’m writing this on the new lap-top. After initial feelings of despair- I’ve paid £500 for this and I’m never going to master it- I’m having fun. It has a finger-pad rather than a mouse, so I’m kinda smearing text about. It feels a bit like being back in nursery school.