August 8th, 2004

Saturday Afternoon in the City

Alice and J have a flat just across from the pub where the Leicester City football hooligans assemble before a match.

There were about 30 police in front of the pub- and many more scattered up and down the street. The plan was to keep the hooligans inside the pub and within a narrow corridor in front of it. Then they were allowed out in small groups and escorted up the road with a couple of police minders.

The operation was very good natured. The police and the hooligans seemed to be chatting amicably. The Leicester hooligans are called something like "The Baby Bunch" or the "Baby Band"- presumably because the look is fat and bald.

It was the hottest day of the summer. After the hooligans had marched away, the annual Caribbean carnival came up the street. There were some lovely Rio-style costumes- great winged creatures- butterflies and birds of paradise- one with a skirt so wide it filled the street from pavement to pavement.

The trouble didn't kick off until after we left. We were on the train and Al texted us to say that there were two armies having a stand-off under her windows.

I'd like to have a city centre flat. Looking down on trouble gives me the same feeling I get from lying in bed listening to high winds or thunder. I feel safe and comforted.

Alice & Jaymz

Star Trek V

This is the one I hadn't seen before. The Enterprise gets hijacked by a nutty Vulcan who takes it through "The Barrier" to meet God. When God turns nasty (spoiler approaching) Spock blasts him with a space cannon. Supremely logical.

But we don't watch these things for the story, do we? We watch them for the sequences where Bones, egged on by James T, gets to taunt Spock about his green blood (The Doctor really was an appalling old racist) and Scotty gets to crawl all over the infrastructure of the Enterprise with a see-through spanner. The ideal Star Trek film would consist of nothing but schtick and banter and Spock's eyebrows going up and down.