August 3rd, 2004

Under the Midnight Sun

The ingmar_bergman community is a deserted place. In summer the sun never sets and in winter it never rises. I go there when I want to be alone. Occasionally I meet my wife on the beach. At least I think it's my wife, but it could just be one of my inner demons. We eye one another intently and exchange disturbing remarks.

My last Bergman post was so brilliant that I posted it here as well. I'm the first person ever to understand The Passion of Anna. Hooray for me! But seeing as how I'm the only person (apart from craftyailz) to have seen the sodding movie I guess you guys aren't going to give me the kudos I deserve.

My Evenings

Ailz goes to bed early most nights. And then I spend the three or four hours before midnight wandering from room to room doing little bits of things. I watch television (news or documentary by preference but rarely a whole programme) read a little (what I currently have on the go is To The Lighthouse) and noodle about on the computer. Sometimes I drink tea and recently I've taken to having a bite of mouldy Stilton and a glass of port last thing.

I guess the word is "Pottering". Bored? No. It's what I choose to do.