July 27th, 2004

Not Exactly Nightmares

LJ is getting into my dreams. Last night I was writing a post that was somehow disturbingly wrong. It kept growing longer and longer but the wrongness wouldn't go away. Then I woke up and the anxiety was such that I got up and took a couple of pain-killers.

I don't get nightmares these days, but I don't seem to have pleasant dreams either. I'm always in some damn awkward situation or other. After I took the pain-killers my dreams became more vivid, but scarcely less scratchy. The one I remember had me arriving for a holiday in a country hotel only to find I was going to have to sleep on the floor in a dormitory with all these noisy, bratty kids....

Against My Better Judgement

I don't trust politicians. Let me repeat that:


But wasn't Bill Clinton good....

Usually when a politician comes onto my TV screen and shows me his teeth (Tony Blair for instance) I feel an urge to knock 'em down his throat.

But wasn't Bill Clinton good....

The Republicans are calling it spin. Well, yes; I can see how the performance was crafted, how the jokes were calculated, how the self-deprecation served a larger purpose, but his points about the billionaires' tax refund and the deficit- please tell me how that is spin. I mean, those things happened or they didn't happen, right?

I watched the build up with hardened cynicism. Glenn Close was crap, Hillary was crap, The reverend gentleman who was in that boat with Kerry was- well- predictable- so my expectations were lower than low, but- wasn't Bill Clinton good!