July 11th, 2004

A Universe Far Far Away

Politicians inhabit a weird parallel universe. Democratic politicians that is. I keep hearing about Senator Edwards's youth, but the guy's 51, for gawd's sake. In the universe you and I inhabit, that's middle-aged.

And then there's the whole potty-mouth thing. Dick Cheyney says "fuck" and we all act amazed- as though we're surprised he even knows the word. And then Kerry attends some fund-raising gig where Whoopi Goldberg (silly girl) points out that the word "Bush" can have a double meaning. And the Republicans are shocked rigid and demand an apology.

It's so stupid. And we allow ourselves to be caught up in it. Of course Dick Cheyney says "fuck". Richard Nixon (his mentor,right?) used to say it every other word. And Whoopi's Bush jokes? Gosh, we all indulge in playground humour. We might not post that sort of stuff on our LJs because, well, it's simply not funny enough, but among our uncritical nearest and dearest, sure, we're all up for a bit of a titter.

(Ooh missus! as the late great Frankie Howerd used to say.)

But politicians have got to be above common humanity. They have to appear like they're regular guys- but with the delicate sensibilities of a Victorian maiden aunt. We know that's ridiculous, and yet we still insist on the playing out of the charade.