June 22nd, 2004

My Own Private Tokyo

The postman delivers a wodge of Japanese films on DVD. Yay! We've been doing Kurosawa like there's no tomorrow, so now for a pinch of Ozu, a whiff of Mizoguchi, a snort of Beat Takeshi and some anime.

We were thinking about taking a trip to Japan, but now that manfalling is coming home I reckon it's off the agenda. Perhaps just as well. I suspect that Tokyo looks better in dreams than it does in jam-packed reality.

My friend Judy says she and her mother could be coming to London in December for the reading of one of her plays-  the  one about Ango-American relations that I've Brit-proofed for her. We've been email pals for many, many years, but we've never actually met.

Hooray for email, hooray for blogs, hooray for friendships in cyberspace!