April 10th, 2004

Cleaning Windows

We used to have a window cleaner. Or, rather, we had a succession of window cleaners. Every few weeks the smiley face on top of the ladder would change. I didn't like the situation. I reckoned that the job wasn't being done properly. And eventually (after an attempted burglary which I attributed- perhaps unfairly- to the latest in the succession of smiley faces) I fucked them off.

Now It's six months or more down the line and the windows are filthy. No way am I climbing a ladder. So what we've done is purchase this washcloth thing on a stick. And today, after weeks of sitting and looking at it in its box, I'm gonna get it out and give it a go.


It's been a while since I posted a poem. This one actually got itself published once- in that very wonderful magazine Iota- for which I write reviews. http://www.raggedraven.co.uk/iota.htm


The Graces bring the quiver and bow
While Venus binds her small son’s eyes
And looks away with a serious face
As if regretting the damage he’ll do

To cities of men where laws will be broken,
Where smooth, white walls will crawl with graffiti.