April 9th, 2004

Even Ringo is cooler than Bob

Talking to Judy about the Beatles. They're so much better than everything else from that era. They're still fresh. When I was a kid it was a question whether Dylan or the Beatles were cooler. Well, I reckon time has sorted that one out. Dylan's artiness sounds pretentious and lazy now (Jeez, but he could write badly) whereas Lennon's artiness is always undercut by that self-mocking Scouse wit.

And Dylan has just lent his ineffable presence to a lingerie ad. He always said he wouldn't. Damn him! Has Macca ever let his image or music be used in advertising? I think not. So in the long run Macca, with his dogs and his kids and his laughable "poetry", turns out to have more integrity than his Bobness. I don't think we should be surprised.