April 4th, 2004

Crown Him with Many Crowns

As usual on a Sunday morning I caught the last ten minutes of the morning service on Radio 4. Today is Palm Sunday (I think) so it was all about crowns and thrones and kingliness. Maybe this stuff had a real emotional resonance in the days of Queen Victoria, but now- when our models of royalty are the very unpleasant Windsors- I think not. In the modern world the only place where kings are unfailingly noble and wise and beneficent is Middle Earth. So Jesus equates to Aragorn- yeah, precisely.

A flash of Self-awareness

I seem to be writing a lot about Christianity these days. Maybe it's because I live so much of my life in the mid 15th century.

I just did a live journal test to ascertain (on the basis of the words I use) whether I'm male or female. The programme says I'm 53% male, 47% female. Dammit, I was hoping I'd fool the little bleeder.