Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Pett Level Beach And Cliff End

Pett Level is a former marsh between Hastings and Winchelsea. The beach- from which it's separated by a sea wall- is not much frequented and there's a petrified forest visible at low tide (It wasn't low tide when we were there yesterday.) The beach is bounded to the west by Cliff End- which is exactly as described- the place where the hills that circumscribe the marsh meet the sea and stop. People build cairns on the beach- and I met a couple of chaps coming away from the cliffs with wheelbarrows full of stone which I later saw them building into a cairn in front of their home on the caravan park.

David Bowie shot the clown sequences in his Ashes to Ashes video on Pett Level beach. When he releases the dove that's Cliff End he's standing under.

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