Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Fear No More

It's a human characteristic to regard anything we don't understand as dangerous and hostile. Ghosts are a good example. Most ghosts are perfectly harmless but you wouldn't think so from the stories we tell about them. This fear of the unknown may have been useful to our primate ancestors on the tawny savannah but it serves us badly as a species that is inching towards sophistication. The universe is full of things we don't understand and if we're going to take our rightful place in it- instead of teetering on the edge like kids who think there may be sharks in the sea off Margate- we need to stop being so easily frightened. The first self-created bogey we need to start laughing at is death.

We are immortal beings. We always existed, we always will. Death is no more than a pause to draw breath. If it were a punctuation mark it wouldn't even be a full stop- more like a dash or a comma.

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