Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We happened across Dave Auld busking outside the Angel Centre in Tonbridge a while back and bought his CDs. Ailz is playing them now. He sings the kind of beery, sawdusty folk that is the only musical taste she and I have in common. I saw he had some Bellamy on his playlist and I asked him if he was a fan and he said "no". I think he must have meant the singing style not the compositions- too sophisticated for him, I guess (which is a weak sort of a joke for those in the know). Bellamy is pretty raw, but Auld is even rawer. Bellamy sometimes used musical instruments, squeeze box, guitar, pipe organ etc- whereas he- Auld- from what I'm hearing is strictly a cappella. He favours work songs, shantys, all that sort of thing.

He's singing Frankie's Trade right now. He makes it sound like it's something rough, tarry men have been singing for the past three hundred years.

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