Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Daniel Kahn

The friend who turned me onto Daniel Kahn is on DW but chooses not to be on LJ so I won't name them- but they know who they are- and they have my thanks.

Kahn is from Detroit- and he sings in English, Yiddish and German (and probably other languages too) and his music fuses elements of punk and rock and roll and cabaret and chanson and klezmer and you name it- and it's humane and political and witty. He translates on principle. He disapproves of borders. He sings Hallelujah in Yiddish and Russian songs in English. The video of him singing the Internationale and Lili Marlene (in Yiddish) in the former Nazi bunker in Vienna is a healing experience.

"Best fun I've ever had in a Nazi bunker" he adlibs. And then, "Fuck the Nazis." He encourages the audience to sing along- and accompanies himself on a couple of little wind-up musical boxes.
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