Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Taking The Test

What was that dream? Ah yes. I've been hanging onto it all day so I might as well write it down.

I was sitting a test in Roman history for which I'd only studied half the course but I figured I could just about wing it if only someone would show me the exam paper. But they wouldn't. Or else they pushed bits of paper my way which might have been the exam paper but never were. Finally I figured that there just had to be a question on the holy grail so I started writing a piece about it, but then someone told me that, no, there wasn't. Then we had a comfort break (this was an invigilated exam with comfort breaks) and someone took pity on me and handed me a bunch of papers all wrapped into a ball and said, "Go out into the corridor and take a look at this." So I did. I went out- and unwrapped the ball and at the heart of it was a magazine article about Princess Diana's underwear.
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