Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Many Mansions

Afterlife: I don't like the word.

An afterword is a brief statement tacked onto the end of a more substantial piece of writing.

An afterthought is a subsidiary or qualifying thought.

An afternoon is when you pull your hat down over your eyes and go to sleep

An afterglow is pretty but fading.

And the word afterlife has something of the same vibe, something of the same colouring.

I use it because there's no alternative but I think it's frightfully misleading...

Actually there's just Life. It's behind and ahead and around. The bit we think of as life- our life in the body- is just one part of the whole. While we're in the body we can't see the rest of Life too well- because we've chosen to enter a section that's partially closed off- (but there are glimpses to be had all the same.) Birth is the way in, death is the way out- and that's all they are. Death is no more to be feared than birth. Every transition is from Life to Life. You go through a door and go through a door and go through a door...
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