Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Observing The Process

"Getting old is a bore" I thought

And then I thought, "No it isn't because the process is so interesting."

I'm an observer. I like observing things. For instance how the aches get achier and the afternoon naps get longer.

I'm not the man I was a year ago. I realised this when I was slogging up a valley side in Ashdown Forest with the kids last month and wasn't sure I could make it to the top.

Early summer was pretty lively. Lots of family action, lots of driving about. It flattened me.

"How is one supposed to feel at 68?" I keep asking myself. "Depends on who you are," I reply. "If you're Mick Jagger you still feel like you're 25. If you're Steve Jobs you've been dead for over a decade."

And then there's the bonus of wisdom (pompous word but it's inescapable.) As a young man, even as a middle-aged man, I was full of fear. As an old man I'm not.
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