Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Home Front

1. Ailz: Remember how you said you'd done all the jobs last night?

Self: Yes.

Ailz: Well you had- so long as you don't count closing the shutter, running the dishwasher and locking the back door....

Self: Ah.....

2. My new phone got delivered to a neighbouring property. This happens every so often. And their stuff gets delivered here. Both houses have three syllabled names- with two of the syllables being the same. It has me wondering whether we should rename our place. The Chestnuts has a nicely suburban ring to it. Or how about Horse Dump Farm? I'll bet there aren't any neighbouring properties that could be confused with that.

It's not as though the existing names are deeply ancestral. I've looked for them on 19th century maps and they're not there. At some time in the past 150 years an element crept into several local place names that's suggestive of a royal connection- and it's entirely bogus.

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