Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Animals And Their Names

The two Chrises have brought us a couple more horses. They're Snowy- also known as Baby- who's been here before and a foal they've recently rescued. Older Chris said the foal was nameless but younger Chris said it was called Patch- just like the stallion who was with us over the winter. Did he make that up on the spot? I rather think he did.

Do animals need names? Dogs do, but most other animals only have names for their owner's convenience. Our cats are only intermittently Marlowe and Pickles. If I'm trying to summon either of them they become "Cat-cat". Otherwise Marlowe is Mr Orange and variations thereon and Pickles is Blackstuff and ditto.

My mother's name for Marlowe is Ginger Whiskers.

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