Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Propos Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, whose biography I've nearly finished, started off as a revolutionary and ended as an autocrat- only that's a very superficial view of the case because he was the same man all the way through. He had a vision and pursued it and went through life going "My way, not your way"- and the only difference between young Jobs and old(er) Jobs was that one lacked power and the other possessed it.

The revolutionary and the autocrat are the same person in different phases of his/her existence. Every autocrat (except for those born to it) was a revolutionary once. The revolutionary attacks the established order because it's not his order and the autocrat enforces it because it is.

Incidentally, I've never owned an Apple product. iPhones, iPads- I've only the vaguest notion what they're for and what they do.
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