Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

St Laurence, Telscombe

St Laurence, Telscombe is another of Kipling's "little, lost Down churches". Like Southease it's to be found at the end of a road that goes nowhere else. On our first passage through the village we missed it because it's (a) partly screened by trees and (b) set close to the road but so high above it that it's out of a driver's eyeline.

Unlike Southease it's off the South Downs Way- so no sandwich eaters- and the door is kept locked. Telscombe village is tiny. There's the church and a stud farm and that's about all. If you carry on driving beyond the village you end up on the grazing land of Telscombe Tye. Saltdean is just over the rise- but if you want to get there (but why should you?) you have to park up and walk.

Correction: I was misinformed- or careless in my research- when I said that Southease and St Michael's Lewes were the only churches in Sussex with round towers. In fact there's a third- at St John's, Piddinghoe- which I haven't visited yet.....

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