Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

In Praise Of Simon Knott

In my last post I tipped my hat to Simon Knott- the creator of a number of monumental websites dealing with the churches of East Anglia. He knows his history, his architecture and ecclesiology (it adds spice that he's a believing Roman Catholic) and is very good on the accidentals of church-visiting- like weather and atmosphere (which can change from visit to visit) and encounters with churchwardens and other random folk. (He was once threatened with a libel action for publishing a frank account of his dealings with a hostile rector). His energy is astonishing; on a good day he says he can take in 15 churches if he's driving and 12 if he's on his bike. He has done the whole of Suffolk and Norfolk and is coming to terms with Essex and Cambridgeshire. He posts lots of pictures.

He makes me feel like a dilettante.

Someone should do what he has done for the churches of South East England. There are existing sites, but they tend to be heavy on the sofits and light on the anecdotes. It won't be me (alas) because I've left it too late...

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