Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Several Different Things

1. We have a party coming up- a fancy dress party- and we've all been asked to appear as famous Americans. I decided to be Mr Rogers- because all I'd need to do was wear one of those lovely casual sweaters- with a zip that goes down to the breast bone. But could I find one? No. That item of clothing is as passe- as historical as the frilled shirt or the foot wide ruff- the difference being that the fancy dress people have those older items in stock. So I've had to do a rethink. My second choice of persona will involve a wig. That's a hint. You can guess all you like but I'm not telling.

The party is a 70th birthday bash for Becky- the mother of my children- to whom I was married for ten years. We're having it here on the farm because we have the space. I used to think it was weird when celebrities banged on about being friends with their exes; I don't anymore.

2. I've seen it suggested that if everybody who deplores the destruction of the rain forest were to plant a tree it would go some way towards repairing the environmental damage. We're none of us powerless. We can do more than moan. Even someone who lives in an apartment can pick up an acorn and pop it into a promising piece of waste ground. Actually, why stop at one? Think Johnny Appleseed.

3. The front path is crazy paving. Roots get under it and make it buckle. I fixed a section this morning. I lifted three slabs and cut and removed the root that was heaving them up. (Sorry, tree.) That was the easy part. Putting them back again was like doing a jig-saw puzzle: only three pieces- but it must have taken me ten to fifteen minutes to work out just how they fitted together.

4. Lee Carroll who channels Kryon is in Egypt and has just posted 21 free audios. In one of them he's in Aqaba with his tour group talking about the layers of violent history there- and how in the new energy the bad vibes will be rewritten. Afterwards I looked up the battle of Aqaba and- as I rather thought- it's the one re-enacted in Lawrence of Arabia where the camel riders come charging in out of the desert and sweep through the village- which is undefended because the Turks were only expecting to be attacked by sea. It was a small engagement, but it broke the Ottoman Empire's hold on Syria. The glory of it was marred by indiscriminate killing- some of that is shown in the film. What the film doesn't show- so far as I remember- is how Lawrence came a cropper in the charge after accidentally shooting his own camel in the head. 

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