Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Keeping To The Rules

I've kept largely clear of newspapers for two weeks now. I've had the Telegraph in my hands but only looked at the page with the crossword, I've infrequently clicked on links that took me to newspaper articles and once or twice I've sought out obituaries; all these are allowable within the rules I've set myself. What I am not permitted to do is pick up a newspaper or go to a newspaper site and work my way through it. I still know what's going on; I'm just less exposed to the roar of conflicting opinion. I watch the TV news sporadically but that's because my mother watches TV all afternoon and evening; If she didn't I wouldn't. On Channel 4 News last night a man with a political face started talking about Brexit in front of the Houses of Parliament and I got up out of my easy chair and left him to it.

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