Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Matter Of Foolish Pride

I've long been eligible for the special pensioner's rate that some restaurants offer but yesterday was the first time I ever claimed it. The woman taking our order more or less insisted. It was a package- a main course with a pudding and a cup of coffee. "But I don't want the coffee," I protested, weakly. "Don't worry," said Ailz. "I'll have yours as well as mine."

I asserted a minimum of independence by adding a miniature bottle of wine to my order. There was no special old people's rate on that.

I like being a pensioner, but I don't like being seen as one. I mean to say, did Orson Welles ever claim his pensioner's discount? I doubt it. He just strode out at the end of the meal without paying the bill...

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