Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Touring the Junk Shops And Garden Centres Of Sussex

We spent the day wandering round Sussex looking for amusing things to put in the garden. Kitsch garden statuary- even when it's second hand- perhaps especially when it's second hand- doesn't come cheap. I was tempted by a segment of an old grindstone (19th century, 18th century, who knows?) but all it was really was a lump of rock with some all but invisible grooves on one side- and I thought £45 was asking too much. We ended up buying an iron whirligig from a garden centre. It stands about 6'6", the sails have a diameter of about 3'and the tail is punched through with a dragonfly design. I've installed it on the front lawn.

It's a start, but I mean to carry on looking....

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