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Tony Grist

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Touring the Junk Shops And Garden Centres Of Sussex [Apr. 2nd, 2019|03:53 pm]
Tony Grist
We spent the day wandering round Sussex looking for amusing things to put in the garden. Kitsch garden statuary- even when it's second hand- perhaps especially when it's second hand- doesn't come cheap. I was tempted by a segment of an old grindstone (19th century, 18th century, who knows?) but all it was really was a lump of rock with some all but invisible grooves on one side- and I thought £45 was asking too much. We ended up buying an iron whirligig from a garden centre. It stands about 6'6", the sails have a diameter of about 3'and the tail is punched through with a dragonfly design. I've installed it on the front lawn.

It's a start, but I mean to carry on looking....