Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We've had several days of stormy weather- and it continues. Conditions were particularly trying on Tuesday- with huge puddles lying in the hollows of country roads- and if you went through them at the same time as an approaching vehicle it was like going through an automated car wash.

The storm is called Gareth- a name I can't hear without visualising McKenzie Crook's character from The Office.

The weather has been a gift to the political cartoonists- who have been using it as a metaphor for the chaos of the Brexit process. Martin Rowson in the Guardian has Theresa May leaning forward into a howling gale with a bowler hat (signifying the DUP) blowing past her. Matt in the Telegraph has a little man with an umbrella turning up at the entrance to the House of Commons to be told by the attendant "I shouldn't go in there, sir; it's foul."
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