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Tony Grist

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So Frustrating [Mar. 7th, 2019|09:53 am]
Tony Grist
Oh look, little yellow birds! I think they're yellowhammers but where's my big bird book?
No problem. I put all the reference books in the bookcase in the lobby. Only...erm...the big bird book isn't there. Which means it could be anywhere. O rats.

By this time Ailz has hit a few keys and there are pictures of yellowhammers all over her computer screen. And, Yes, I was right; the jolly little things hopping about the base of the feeder match the images. And they're a kind of bunting- bigger than most.

But, O where, O where is the big bird book?

The reorganising of the bookshelves I did earlier this year hasn't made it any easier to find things...