Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Smallest Church in Sussex

One final image from the days- now sadly missed- of the Moroccan Plume.

Lullington church has 16 square feet of floor space- and is a contender for the title of "smallest church in Britain". It is certainly the smallest church in Sussex- and as such is celebrated in a song by the Brighton based indie band British Sea Power.

It wasn't always so little. The bit still standing was once the chancel of a normally proportioned small church- most of which was destroyed in an undated incident that local legend remembers as an arson attack by Cromwellian soldiers. Its original dedication is forgotten- and it was rededicated to the Good Shepherd in 2000. There is no Lullington village to speak of- just a few houses- but the church is still used for special events and regular- if infrequent- worship.
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