Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Daffodils, Harry Potter, Esoterica

This time last year we had snow- and I was worrying it might discourage the daffodils. (It didn't). This year the daffodils are already in bloom. I was sitting out on the patio yesterday afternoon and wondering whether it wasn't getting too hot to be entirely pleasant. 

Ivy is deeply into Harry Potter. She and I spent an hour yesterday making up a Lego model of Harry and Ron in the spiders lair- and she left at the end of the visit clutching the charity shop copy of The Cursed Child which I'd given to Alice (her mother). 

Alice has taken most of the rest of the esoteric books that belonged to Matthew's mother. She has plans to make a work and meditation space in which she can do her Tarot readings etc- and they will go to furnish it. They filled all the space in her car that wasn't already taken up by children and luggage.
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