Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Another Ramble, But Less Pretentious Than The One I Deleted

Yesterday was sunny- and I sat out on the patio and even went to sleep there. Today has been grey and misty but mild.

Today's Telegraph Magazine has an interview with actor and director, Chiwetel Ejiofor in which he expresses his ambition to be "a brief chronicle of the times". I thought I could make a blog post out of this but what I made of it was a ramble that never went anywhere particularly interesting and when it was finished I deleted it. The complete phrase is "abstract and brief chronicle"- and it comes from the speech in which Hamlet commends the players to Polonius- and could be the deepest thing anyone ever said about actors. The ramble tried to explain it- but you can't explain poetry- which is either the best possible way of saying a thing or isn't really poetry at all.

I've been dipping into a long-standing blog by a chap around my age who goes by the moniker Nigeness (in tribute I think to the eternal schoolboy Nigel Molesworth.) We both like poetry and old churches and 17th century monuments. I don't suppose he'll see this but if he does, I'm giving him a friendly wave.
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