Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Mors Janua Vitae

Ailz's brother is handling arrangements on the ground. There may have to be an autopsy but probably not. Dorothy very sensibly drew up a funeral plan for herself when Eric died and lodged it with the Co-op- so nobody needs to be faffing about over hymns. Ailz has taken on the job of informing the relatives in Northern Ireland- with whom Dorothy kept in touch though nobody else did. We're sending cards via Moonpig; nothing explicitly sentimental, just a picture of snowdrops- and whatever Ailz chooses to write. We're working from Dorothy's address book and can't be sure everyone we're contacting is still alive. In one instance we're almost certain they're not. Never mind....

Mors Janua Vitae.

Eric and Dorothy, cutting the cake, 17th December 1949
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